surface - public space - sculpturing with soft materials - multiple use - no spin - oil painting - song about the end of the world - joyfull

Song about the end of the world I was having in my mind, I made my usuall rutine walk - from house of residency to the sea shore through rice fieds and dunes, I take my painting with me, and try to show the stages of grief by applying different shapes to oil on canvas paining - skin of shapes I was creating. 

Portugal, 2023


textile paint - wind - sand - east - west - ornament -polution - plastic - illusion of safety - colonial mindset

West art as traditional figurative painting
East art is abstraction - ornaments, colours, geometry. 
Crate as a symbol of undeniable separation of two civilisation concepts within one beach cost in Tunis.

Niti, acryl on cotton, 150*250 cm


eco aspect of art production - plastic - pollution - war in my motherland - widow - wind - black - grief - funeral. 

starting point of my work was to concentrate on the ecological side of art production and rethinking of what art work is in times of overproduction, overconsumption and ecological crisis.

plastic, digital photography, Spain, 2022

plastic, digital photography, Spain, 2022

Work created in collaboration with performance artist Anna von Siebenthal