multydisciplinar - experiment - transgression - human being - painting - video - sculpturing

Julia Rawal, a Ukrainian multidisciplinary artist based in Poland, employs painting as her primary artistic language while engaging in constant experiments involving the transformation of soft materials into objects or sculptures. With a background in medicine, new media art, and animation from the New Media Art School in Kiev,

Julia is drawn to non-verbal elements that convey the diverse facets of her life experiences as a woman, immigrant, human, artist, and dreamer.

In her artistic practice, Julia explores themes such as sexuality, violence, trauma, body, and the intricate connections between surface and insides, visible and hidden, accepted and deviant.

Viewing creation as a reflective process of capturing reality, she goes beyond merely depicting what she sees. Instead, Julia strives to express her personal experiences, allowing her subconscious to articulate an uncensored picture, thereby presenting a nuanced exploration of life's complexities.

I am Ukrainian multidisciplinary artist, based in Poland.

I have painting as my main artistic language, although I work with constant experiments that include transformation of soft materials into objects or sculptures.

I have a background in medicine (National Medical University Kiev, Ukraine), New Media Art and animation (New media art school, Kiev, Ukraine). At current moment I am student of Wroclaw Academy of Art.


2004 -2012
National Medical University,
Kiev, Ukraine

New Media Art School
Kiev, Ukraine

2023 - ...
Academy of Art and Design, Master program
Wroclaw, Polan


July 2014
Under the holy spirit

solo exhibition and audiovisual performace - Roof of the hotel, squated place - Ukraine, Lviv

September 2014
solo exhibition Fredra21 independent gallery, Lviv, Ukraine

September 2014
Trained glitches
group exhibition w “Small Gallery of the Art Arsenal”, Kiev, Ukraine

July 2015
Pole Brodmana 
solo exhibition and multimedia performance -
Mozg gallery, Bydgość, Poland

November 2021
Pole Brodmana 22
solo Exhibition, paintings
Mozg, Warszawa, Poland

December 12.2017
Come down to Earth
solo exhibition, wall paintings - Mozg, Warszawa, Poland

2020 Residenct at AADK, Spain
2021 Residenct at Montemero, Spain
2022 Residency at Obras, Portugal
2024 Residenct at DOMUS, Italy