St.Agata - sacrification - colour and origins-  red - war - rape - tragic - woman - epic - men  


Series of oil on canvas paintings and sculptures created in January, 2024 in Italy. This works are inspired by painting “Martiro di Sant’Agata” by Nicolo Ferrando from the basilica of Santa Caterina d’Alessandria, Galatina, Italy.

According to the 13th-century Golden
Legend (III.15) by Jacobus de Voragine,
15-year-old Agatha, from a rich and noble
family, made a vow of virginity and
rejected the amorous advances of the
Roman prefect Quintianus, who thought
he could force her to turn away from her
vow and marry him.

Quintianus sent for Agatha again and
again, his persistent proposals were
consistently spurned by Agatha. Arguing
with her and threatening her, before
finally having her imprisoned and
tortured. She was stretched on a rack to
be torn with iron hooks, burned with
torches, and whipped. Her breasts were
torn off with tongs.

My aim was to pay attention to the idea of female sacrification, promoted and glorified by catholic church, which often leads to tolerance towards domestic violence and cruelty.